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About Kellyn 


I know that I was created to transform people’s lives and to make a significant impact. I figured it out when I completed my bachelor’s degree in psychology with a concentration in communications partnered with my ability to connect with others, propelled me into a customer service leadership career.

I ultimately became an escalation’s manager at a non-profit health insurer and excelled there


over the course of five years. I loved what I did and the influence I was able to make day in and day out. I was able to listen to member’s experiences which helped me to identify areas where improvement was necessary and work with various areas within the organization. I worked closely with the executive leadership team on a variety of committees and projects and was fortunate to be able to whole-heartedly make a difference for staff, members, providers, and vendors.  

My office career was filled with potlucks every month and birthday cakes galore, and my nutrition and physical fitness went out the door, leading me to gain 60 pounds. I had been a dancer from the time I was three years old into my early twenties, but now found 

 myself with aches and pains that I had never experienced before.  I knew, without hesitation, it was time to start transforming lives by beginning with my own. 

This is when I found and fell in love with fitness. I started healing my relationship with food and incorporating more movement into each day. And just like that, I found my passion. The thing that makes my heart just sing. I earned my NASM Personal Trainer certification in December of 2017 and began working as a trainer the following month. 

Since then I have continued to take courses and learn all of the things I can about the body. I intertwine psychology, nutrition, body mechanics and fitness in a way that makes working out feel like fun all while you are still moving towards your goals. I also pursued a Master of Science degree in Exercise Health Sciences and gained valuable research and teaching experience throughout the course of the program. I am an active member of the American College of Sports Medicine and trained in Exercise Physiology.

My coaching style is very kind and supportive — if you are looking for a trainer to scream at you for motivation, I am not for you! But I will hold you accountable and help heal your relationship with wellness while you make gains both physically and mentally!

IMG_9027 1.jpg

I understand how overwhelming it can be when starting out a new lifestyle. That’s why I dedicated myself to helping people through their health and wellness journeys.  

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